Is it possible to make the display device through Arduino?

Hello, I’m very beginner of HW Programming and have a question.

Please see my attachment.

I’m planning to make a small display device(whole device: about 150mm75mm15mm, display: 5.5inch) and use a arduino to make it possible.

The following is device’s working order.

1)Infrared Sensor detects the human body

2)If it detecting, the Camera takes a photo and save, and a 500mb~1gb Video inserted in the device(to insert the video in the device, 5pin connector may be used and the video will be saved in the HDD or etc. in the device) will be played. And Video Playing History logged

3)Through the 5pin connector, PC can read the photos and the history logged into the device.

And followings are my question.

1)Is it possible to make that device through the arduino?
2)I request the design and making to an Outsourcing Company and hey said It will cost about $25,000 to make the prototype of it. Do you think it is reasonable cost?

Thank you for reading.


Sounds more like a task for a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard etc. Or in fact, a re-purposed tablet or smartphone.