Is it possible to pair the Arduino 101 BLE with the BLE of a Fitbit?

I have an Arduino 101 and I need to connect it to another BLE device such as a Fitbit and be able to just read the heart rate readings from it. I would then use code to handle a task if the heart rate gets above a certain threshold. My question is if this is possible. I have done much research and all I have found is the Arduino 101 connecting to IOS or Android phones or devices, but could it connect straight to a Fitbit and read from it that way? Thanks for any help that anyone can offer it is greatly appreciated.

Hi deeg92, the Fitbit acts as a BLE Peripheral, so you need to configure the 101 in Central role. Upcoming Curie core 2.0.0 will bring this ability to the 101 so stay tuned for tutorial as soon as it gets released!

Thank you for your response. So what you are saying is there is no ability out now with the curie library to connect to the fitbit or any BLE device and read from it? Is there a shield available for the arduino that could connect that you know of? I really just need to find a way to have a small, accurate heart rate sensor on the wrist of a person and have that heart rate wirelessly read by an arduino 101, also on the body of the person. Thank you for your help!