Is it possible to read Blynk stepper limits from Arduino?

I'm working on a remote(WiFi) controlled garage heating/surveillance system. In my project I have Blynk H Stepper widget(s), which limits are set to 5 and 20 (loop values = true). When this value is changed by the user, my arduino (Wemos) updates this value to Blynk label for user to see. (I like this better than show those small numbers in a stepper widget itself.)

I know how to do this without reading those values, but it would be handy and programming friendly if I could get those limits set in Blynk, even user can't change them. Yet. This just came to my mind and I am also curious. :)

Or, if you have an idea how to do this in a simple, tiny piece of code, so the value keeps within set limits unlike this moment, I would be pleased to hear that.

Hope you understood what i mean.

Edit: Just found "constrain()" function that might do the part of the job.

Edit2: Constrain is just what I have missed several times.