Is it possible to read from a text file located in a pendrive

Hi guys,

I need to read from a text file. I want to read from a text file which is located in a pendrive. Can it be done or I need to use an sd card. I prefer to use pendrive.


I think if you use an USB host shield it should be possible.

Check - -

(never tried myself)

I bought this USB host shield hoping to use it with a version of SdFat. I gave up since an Uno has too little memory.

The code provided with the shield also is too large to run on an Uno.

At present, the code example, also featuring Andrew’s FAT and extended memory implementation, can only be run on “big” Arduinos such as Mega and Mega 2560. Another FAT implementation, developed by Alex Glushchenko, is being tested – there is a slight possibility that at least some functionality can be demonstrated on a regular UNO board.