Is it possible to read network state on computer through usb?????

I have a project that I wish to try. I call the project N.S.A. N.O. That's Network State Access, Normally Open.

The idea is to have a customized USB hub with a solid state relay in the data lines for it. This relay would be controlled by an Arduino Uno configured to determine if the host computer has network connectivity or not. If there is NO connectivity then the switch is closed and the hub goes live. If there IS connectivity, then the switch is opened and the hub goes dead. Any hard drive attached to this hub as well as any other device(webcam for instance) is only available to the system when there is no web connectivity then. Even that famous 3 letter agency can't hack into a device it simply can't see. But you can still access your files by merely shutting off your wifi.

Is there a way to read the network state via the USB port with an Uno? via a serial command possibly...I'll write a script/driver if needed to feed the info to it.

Is there a way to read the network state via the USB port with an Uno?

Is it possible to read a reply to a post you haven't made? Of course not.

If there is nothing on the PC sending data to the serial port, the Arduino can't read data. The Arduino can not run code on the PC.

I'll try to be a little more clear. I can write a script/small tray program that will send the required info to a serial port. what would the code be Arduino side to read that data from the USB port?

Alternatively, is it possible to ping an IP address using the USB port as a network connection to the host computer? This would be ideal and allow cross platform usability.

I do FULLY understand that the UNO cannot run code on the host computer. I just want to be able to determine if the host computer has Internet connectivity or not(via serial info sent to it or pinging via the USB), get that data to the UNO and let the UNO run it's own program based on that data.