Is it possible to read rfid signal strength using arduino?

Hi, I was thinking about the possibility to simplify some tasks at the warehouse that I work on using arduino but have no idéa if it is possible.

I was thinking of buying alot of cheap passive rfid-tags and place them on locators around the warehouse and to set up a reader somewhere on the forks of a forklift.

The plan in case that the concept works is that the reader ignores all detected tags untill the signal-rate goes up to 95% +/-5%, or whatever the signal will be when the forks are placed in the correct position at the locator.

Is this possible and what kind of tags would be the best choice in that case?

When you say "95%" or whatever, could you just arrange it so that the range where the RFID tag signal is strong enough to be read is the same as the range you're trying to detect it at? For example, if you want to know when you're within 0.5m of a tag, set up your sensor so that it can only detect tags within 0.5m.