Is it possible to recover not functioning Arduino NANO.

I happened to power my Arduino Nano with higher voltage (more than 5V). I had switching power adapter that did not put out right voltages that I discover after the effect. Now my board does not load ”Programmer not responding”. LEDs are blinking still. To loose 10EUR is not that big of a problem, but waiting the for the new one to arrive is. Have someone recovered thus damaged board.

Guess you could use a circuit diagram and check the voltages around . The chip is surface mount so how are you at replacing the 328 ? Could take you a while

Does the computer still recognize it as a USB device?

Yes, I can choose the right Serial Port. I tried burn new bootloader too, but got error here as well

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x7800 0x0c != 0xff avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

And the code I have on it does not respond. BTW I had similar problem, same error with Duemilanove last year(why it happened I had no clue). But with the new 0022 it suddenly works again.

I tried burn new bootloader

Using which programmer?

Does the board pass or fail this test…,73748.0.html

Thanks you for helping. For burning bootloader I use USBtiny. And callback test pass fine. I used Serial Tools OS X (snowleo or lion).


Do you have a meter capable of measuring voltage?

When the board is connected to USB, is there approximately five volts at the 5V pin? Is there approximately three-point-three volts at the 3.3V pin?

When the board is [u]not[/u] connected to USB but [u]is[/u] connected to an external power supply (at the VIN pin), is there approximately five volts at the 5V pin?

Yes, all voltages are correct.

The evidence indicates that the board and supporting parts are OK but the processor has been damaged.

If it is cost effective, I suggest you take advantage of @spycatcher2k's very generous offer. Or, try your hand at surface-mount soldering. Or, send the board to a recycle center. Or, solder a wire from RESET to GND and use the board as a serial-to-USB converter.

This serial to USB sound something I could use. Can you point me to how to wire a serial connection.

Connect a wire between RESET and GND. This holds the processor in reset essentially disabling it.

D0/RX, D1/TX, and GND are the serial connection.