Is it possible to replace a DSP for a Arduino?


I wish to follow this schematic:

From what i understand, a DSP is not a microcontroller..but is it possible to follow that schematic and replace the DSP for the Arduino?

The ADS1201 is a High Dynamic Range Delta-Sigma Modulator


Generally a DSP is a specific micro-controller with hardware acceleration for signal processing, so it can process data much faster than an Arduino, but in some limited circumstances you can replace it with an micro-controller, it depends in what you want to do.

It depends on what the DSP is doing. You can't tell from the schematic what kind of firmware the DSP is running. You'll have to re-write any code for the DSP to work on the Arduino. This, of course, assumes the Arduino can do the same tasks as whatever the DSP was doing.

This, of course, assumes the Arduino can do the same tasks as whatever the DSP was doing.

The Arduino probably can do the tasks, but as to whether it can do them as fast as required is another question.

The schematic is from the ADS1201 modulator Datasheet, its a reference interface..but i only wish to replace the DSP for the Arduino.

The combination of an ADS1201 and a processor that is programmed to implement a digital filter results in a high resolution A/D converter system.

The differential analog input of the ADS1201 is implemented with a switched capacitor circuit. This switched capacitor circuit implements a 2nd-order modulator stage which digitizes the input signal into a binary output stream. The input stage of the converter can be configured to sample an analog signal or to perform a calibration which quantifies offset and gain errors. The sample clock (MCLK) provides the switched capacitor network and modulator clock signal for the A/D conversion process, as well as the output data framing clock. Different frequencies for this clock allows for a variety of performance solutions in resolution and signal bandwidth. The analog input signal is continuously sampled by the A/D converter and compared to an internal or external voltage reference. A digital stream appears at the output of the converter. This digital stream accurately represents the analog input voltage over time.

Basically i want a ADC with more resolution on the Arduino 10bit.. i found several ADC topics here on the forum (from Linear to TI), but this one looks simple enough to get started (schematic and possibly very low work on the code)..

Hi Nadabro, I try to acquire the output of ADS1201 (1MHz 1 bit) with Arduino to make the filter/decimator operation and then reconstruct the analog signal. Had you found a solution? My topic is:;topicseen Thank you. Riccardo