Is it possible to run a "make clean"?

I'm not sure if I'm using the right term, or if this is the best subforum to ask, but hopefully I'm not too vague...

When working with certain libraries, I need to make changes to certain header files while working with a sketch. However, after changing the header files, I'm told I need to delete the .o file corresponding to that library for any changes to be reflected.

Would it be possible to add another option to the IDE to delete the .o files for the libraries that I #include in a sketch? If I can't easily add that to the IDE, is there some way I could just make it do that every time I run a sketch?

That's a definite hassle and it either can't do it or I just can't find the option. One thing I've noticed is that when you switch board type it deletes and remakes all the object files. So one shortcut would be to just switch the board type then switch it back.

Would be a nice option in the IDE - perhaps trap an additional control key (command-shift-R) when compiling.

Right now I just have the directory open and delete the .o file before compiling. Clunky but not too much of a drag.