Is it possible to see what a ble app is sending?

I'm trying to get this ble relay to work programmatically.

From What I know is that it’s a blue key ZL-RC04A relay board with four channels.

There is an android and iPhone app which make it work fine and it’s called blue switch.

I have downloaded the APK and tried to look through it but was unable to detect which commands are sent to toggle each relay.

I have contacted the seller and sellers of other products similar to this one but I have not gotten a response so far. My latest attempt was to connect an android phone with the app installed to a laptop running android studio and set the phone to developer mode so that I could see the terminal messages as I toggled the relay on and off and I am still not able to find the commands. I am wondering if this is the best way to do this and if anybody else can help me figure out what the commands would be or if you guys think it’s not possible.

Thanks in advance.