Is it possible to send and recieve data from two different UNOs on dif WiFis?


For a uni project, we are wanting to send and receive data (button presses to change LED colours) to 2 or more different Arduinos connected to different Wifi routers.

The idea is one person presses a button which changes the "status" (colour) on the other Arduinos in different houses/cities.

I'm sorry I don't have more detail about this we are just starting out and trying to find the best option for this or if it's possible. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. One idea we did have connected them to a website so when a switch is flicked it changes on the website which then changes the other Arduinos?



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Have you considered using MQTT and one of the MQTT providers to send messages to and from remote located MCU's.
Search on, "Adafruit MQTT"

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