Is it possible to transfer files to SD card via W5100/Esp8266/HC05? (wirelessly)

So I want to install arduino to closed space + epoxy it to make it weatherproof all the way but its going to be playing audio files and its reading them from sd card and I want to have a way to update them by update I mean transfer new audio files (.wav) from my phone or computer or by any wireless means right now I got W5100 enthernet shield/esp 82666 Wifi and HC05/06 bluetooth modules in my hand to work with but if theres better options out there let me know, I ve done some digging but I havent found a way to transfer files onto SD card yet.

Any ideas/code is greatly appreciated.

Bluetooth HC05 means you would need to be in the same room as your Arduino.

I haven't done it or know whether it is possible, but my first inclination is to see if it is possible to FTP a file to the SD card with the Arduino acting as web server.

The distance between me and the arduino will be <60cm/2ft so the distance isnt the problem I’ll look up the ftp server option I have seen people transfering files via bluetooth from sd card to PC but not the other way around.