Is it possible to upload a sketch to Arduino Micro using Arduino Uno?

I have an Arduino Uno, and recently bought an Arduino Micro. The trouble is, Windows 8.1 Device Manager wont recognize the Arduino Micro. So I'm unableto upload any sketches to it. I thought that perhaps there might be a way to program it using the Uno.

The Uno uses an ATmega328 The Micro uses an ATmega32U4

I don't know if the difference in these chips matter.

If anyone has done this before, please guide me through the steps. I'd greatly appreciate it.

The differences do matter.
The Uno has a chip on the board to convert USB to serial.
The Micro has this on the chip itself.
But it also has a ICSP connector.
You can use that to upload to the Micro, and the Uno can do that for you.
Uploading using the ICSP connection might end up in loosing the bootloader in that micro.
But that’s already quite useless to you at the moment if i understood you right.
There’s also RX and TX on the Micro.

These could be used to upload to the Micro, using the on board USB adapter.
For that you need to keep the reset line on the Uno LOW, so the 328 stays inactive.
You need to manually reset the Micro when the upload starts.
That is time critical and therefore will generate some trouble to get the upload going, you’ll have to try multiple times.

Are you sure it isn’t just a question of installing the correct drivers for the Mirco (be sure you have Administrator rights when you do that) ?

Thanks for your reply…forgive me if this question sounds dumb, I’m still very new to this stuff…

SO if I were to use the Rx and Tx lines would these be the steps?

  1. Disconnect the ATmega328 from the uno board

  2. Connect Arduino Micro to the Uno board via the Rx, Tx, GND, and 5V? (Any other connections here??)

  3. Select a Programmer option in Arduino IDE (AVRISP MKII ? Other programmers acceptable??)

  4. Compile/Upload sketch, pressing the reset on the Micro when upload starts

I’m open to using ICSP, if it won’t make any permanent changes on the UNO or Micro.

Also regarding the drivers, I’ve installed them, yet my device manager would not ever recognize the Micro as a com port, or even an unknown device.

I think this other thread would apply to you, arishy is in the same situation as you, only his is because of a physically broken USB port, not software-broken. Micro is the same machine as the Leonardo.

When using the ICSP header of the Micro, the dot marks the "top" or pin 1 of ICSP header. So turn the Micro so the USB port is pointing up. Put it next your Uno with the Uno's USB port pointed to the left. Then it you can hook up the ICSP wires straight from one to the other. On the Micro the ICSP pin closest to the corner is the reset pin and that connects to pin 10 of the Uno.