Is it possible to use 10 displays at one I2C bus?

I am building a MIDI controller (based on one Arduino Mega) with 10 rotary encoders and 10 OLED 0.96” displays.

I was planning to connect all the displays into the I2C bus, but I’ve found that the address can only be set to 0x3D or 0x3C by selecting a resistor jumper.

I’ve already bought all the 10 displays (0.96" I2C Serial SSD1306 128X64 OLED). Is there some way to configure them all into a single I2C bus?

Thank you!

The part has as address select line, yes? Use that as a chip select line. When the pin is low for one part, use the low pin address - the other 9 will be looking for the high pin address and will not respond.

Thank you for the information!

So, if I understand it correctly, each multiplexer can handle up to eight I2C devices with unique address, therefore I will only need two multiplexers.