Is it possible to use a 8-wire stepper motor with L298N driver ?

If yes, how?
If No, why?
Thank you

generally L298N dc motor driver just have 4 pin socket for the motor, Bi-polar stepper motor can controlled using this L298N.

Bi-polar stepper motor have 4-wire pin. If you need more information about it.

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If the stepper is high impedance its possible, if low impedance you'll just fry the L298N
(in which case a proper stepper driver is needed).

There are two ways to connect an 8 wire motor as bipolar, and you'll need to know the
wiring diagram of the motor to connect this correctly - a multimeter isn't enough.

But why the mystery, please post the link to the motor datasheet or similar...

This is the motor

Example wiring diagrams for 8 wire, bipolar connections.

But what about the impedance! is 10 ohm considered a high impedance or low!
probably low! so I can't use the L298N for this motor ?

10 Ohms is intermediate.

The L298 could work under certain circumstances, for example with two 10 Ohm windings in series for 20 Ohms total (left schematic in reply #4), and a motor power supply of 12V.

Taking into account a ~2V drop in the L298, the winding current would then be (12 - 2)/20 = 0.5 A, which would be a bit high for that motor.

OPs pic;
If you look at the motor it could be a standard stepper, 4 wire, with what appears to be an encoder on the end of it.

Have you got a DMM to measure some resistances?

Tom… :slight_smile: