Is it possible to use a L298 with Arduino UNO?

Hi guys! I'm very new here, and to Arduino in general. I've been looking to get my hands on one, and some other components for some small projects and I think everything works.... instead of the motor driver. Apparently, I purchased the L298 instead of the L298N which is what every tutorial on the Internet tells you to get.

I'm trying to control 2 DC Motors: Hobby Gearmotor - 140 RPM (Pair) - ROB-13302 - SparkFun Electronics

So I'm going to ask the question.... is it possible to use the normal L298 with Arduino? It will be a real bummer if I can't :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Most likely the vendor of your board just left the N off. Even the data sheet does. N, I believe, is the package type identifier suffix on the part number.

Yes, I think it was that. Because on the black part, it read L298N. Sorry for the confusion!