Is it possible to use Arduino to tie a HID Windows touch monitor to a Mac ?


I am very interested to connect a touch monitor to a Mac computer with the purpose of using the touch data in Cycling '74's Max/MSP. I am specifically interested in Baanto's ShadowSense range because it offers multitouch and the detection of touch area besides touch position (

However, these monitors are tailored for Windows: they are ready from factory to send HID messages specific to that operating system, without need to install any driver. I have already tried to use a touch monitor made for Windows on a Macintosh computer and it made trouble in the GUI (files opened or windows moved by accident).

So, the idea would be to connect the monitor to an Arduino board trough a secondary USB port, decode the HID data and then transmit them to the Mac trough the board's primary USB port.

Do you think it's possible ? Would it be easy to decode the data (they comply with Windows 7 requirements I suppose).

Thank you in advance.

If you're going to the trouble of decoding USB messages, you would probably be better off writing a specific driver for OS X. If that doesn't seem like a viable suggestion, doing the translation externally probably wouldn't be any easier.

If it's HID-compliant, it ought to be compatible with any modern OS. Have you tried Linux? I would be curious to see what makes it so "Windows-specific", other than a vendor who's ignoring an entire popular platform....

(they comply with Windows 7 requirements I suppose).

There is no such thing.
USB HID is a universal standard.
Use quartz composer on the Mac to simply read an HID device and pass the data on to some other form. It is a free graphic based programming language that is part of the Xcode development suite.

Yes HID might be non-platform specific, but the data sent from the monitor are adapted to Windows 7 multitouch’s handling. And indeed, when connected to a Macintosh, it will rather send HID messages faking a mouse. So yes I suppose that writing an HID driver would be an option. However I didn’t know about Qwartz Composer’s abilities in this domain. I’ll have a look at it.

Thank you, guys.