Is it possible to use heat sensor as an On Switch?

I have been having a really tough time with this, so now I'm wondering if it is even possible. I would like to have lights turn on when I touch the heat sensor with my hand. The only codes I can find are about actually reading the temperature and getting a read out on the computer. I have no interest in actually seeing a read out of the temperature. I just want it to feel the heat, then turn lights on. Can anyone help me with this?

Any advice is appreciated, but example codes that I can build off of would be even better!

The only codes I can find are .....

This is so blindingly simple why are you looking to find code. It is a trivial matter to write your own. That is unless you have no desire to learn how to code.

Simply take a measurement, use an if statement to see if it above some threshold and if it is turn on the light. Those last two steps take one line of code each.

Time to learn the basics of Arduino programming. Go through the examples in the IDE. After you have done this and need help, ask here for help.

I have been through all the tutorials, so I don't appreciate being spoken to like I'm a waste of time. Coding does not come as easily to other people as it does to you. So as you said, I have been through all the tutorials, and I have spent hours trying to figure it out for myself. I couldn't figure it out, so I came here. But thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom.

You never waste your time by going through others examples.

What kind of sensor are you referring to?

Assuming the output of the sensor is an analog voltage, say 0-5V, you do an analog read on the analog pin your sensor is attached to.
Using the “if” function you compare your analog reading to a number between 0-1023 which you define as your trigger level. If the read level is > than your trigger level, you do a write HIGH to an output pin. If it is < you write a LOW to the output.
You connect your light to the output pin.
If the light is a led, add a series resistor.
If it is a lamp use an interposing relay driven by a driver transistor.
Google: Arduino Relay