Is it possible to use multiple RFID RC522 readers with one Arduino UNO?

Hi evervone,

I want to use two or more readers with one UNO. Is it Possible? Thank you for now.. :neutral_face:

Is it Possible?

Anything is Possible if You put enough Effort into It.

How will you keep one reader from interfering with another one?

I have a project. It name is "keyless entry system for vehicle". I will put reader for left and right front doors... I want to control with one Uno (or Mega) this readers. I tried but I could not achive:/

I tried but I could not achive:

Same story when I tried to read your code.

I'm going to guess, though, that you were trying to use two instances of SoftwareSerial, on the UNO, to read the two devices. If that is the case, it's no wonder you couldn't "achive". Use the Mega.

Can I share SS pins as parallel?