Is it possible to use stm32f103c8t6, a4988 and 28by48 5v together?

Hello everyone,
I'm new on this, and I'm trying to make a simple stepper motor to rotate with stm32f103c8t6 using adruino

my motor is 28byj-48
my driver is a4988

and I'm able to turn on LEDs as I wish. but the problem is that nothing happens to my motor at all. So my question is it possible to wire these three pieces together at all? If yes, then how?


How is it wired?

How is it powered?

I’m attaching the picture. there is a pin for 5v power on my board.

there is a pin for 5v power on my board

Which is not intended for motors or servos, and you can destroy the board if you try. Always use a separate motor power supply and connect the grounds.

Please post a wiring diagram, as already requested.

Note that the stepper is unipolar, and is normally used with a unipolar stepper driver. The A4988 is a bipolar stepper driver and requires 8V minimum to run.