Is it possible to use this HX8357B based shield with UNO ?


I have below TFT LCD bought from Banggood. I know that the sheild is for Mega, still I'm wondering if it can be used with UNO, I the board curently have is a Uno one.

The pinouts of the shield are as below.

Has anyone suceeded in using it with Uno?

I'm sorry if the question looks stupid, as I new to Arduino.


Go on. Count the pins on the shield. Count the sockets on the Uno.

Buy a Mega clone. They are pretty cheap. Plug in the Mega shield.


Thanks David for the reply.

I was wondering if SPI can be used or not.


Very few display modules allow you to access the IM# lines.
They are either manufactured as parallel or SPI.

Your Shield is parallel only.


Thanks David!