is it possible to use this ?

hi guys, is it possible to hook this up as a power supply to arduino duemilanovue?

I only require to use 3v on the pins, the arduino website states each pin can take up to 50mA? can i change the wires on this cell and insert it into the arduino's power jack?

Not if you use just one. The Duemilanove is a 5V device. You need to supply more then 5V to the power jack to get a good 5V to power the Arduino.

Now, if put two of those in series, providing 7.4 volts, then, yes, you could.

The 50mA figure is for INPUT. Output pins can't supply more than 40mA without damage, and even that should not be relied on for long term output. 20mA is better for long term output from a pin.

You should be able to use it to run one of the 8MHz Arduinos, but it's really dicey for using it for a Duemilanove: you should have a higher Vcc to run the ATMega at 16MHz. Maybe your particular chip exceeds the spec, and will work, but maybe it doesn't, and will fail in mysterious and unpredictable ways.

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There are some low-cost (on the order of US$10) 3V-to-5V "boost" switchers out there. Some people have posted here about using them to run Arduinos off a couple of flashlight batteries. Don't remember who sells them, but that's why $DEITY gave us The Google...