Is it possible to use two stepper drivers on one motor?

Sorry, total noob question.

Project idea: I want to be able to send a command via Alexa to a ESP32 controller which causes a stepper to turn a half turn clockwise and stop. Then I want to send a separate command that will cause the same motor to turn a half turn counterclockwise and stop.

Can this be done with one controller and one stepper motor? If so how please?

Why would you need two stepper drivers for this, but how is the Nano going to communicate with Alexa anyway ?

Sorry, I was thinking of another project! I meant an ESP32 controller.
As for the two drivers, I'd prefer not to use two but I was thinking I might need to for some reason.

Paralleling drivers is a bad practice, and not easy to do with many. Remember the driver outputs at least some of them are on all the time, another driver opposing that state will cause a fault destroying something, probably the driver. Do it with the logic controlling the driver.

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