is it possible?


For a school project I am planning to connect several components to a single arduino mini, but I am wondering about the processing power of the Arduino and the byte limitations.

Components: - EM-406 GPS module - HMC6352 I2C Compass Sensor - ADXL330 Triple Axis Accelerometer

In addition there will probably be one or two actuators, like a vibration motor or LED.

Will the arduino mini be able to process data from all of these components? (I know it is possible for each single component, but will it be possible at the same time?) In addition the compiler says there is a maximum of 14336 bytes, which will probably be not enough for all of these components...

It would be nice if you could help me out here and give some advice.

Thanx in advance!

Tom should help.

He uses a mini robomind (68332 processor, 25MHz, 512k flash), but it might be possible to squeeze into an arduino if you're very careful.

I'd recommend using a bigger processor for this sort of thing, maybe an ARM or similar. have some good ones, and check out ST's stm32 too.

If you haven't come across kalman filters, you should do a lot of reading about them. They are your friend.

I would think that the Arduino would need a very small fraction of its processing power to acquire the data from the sensors. But determining if the Arduino can process this data depends on what you want to do with it.

I would expect you could build something that worked with relatively little data manipulation but its output could be a little jerky. Smoothing the data with something like Kalman filters is often used in applications using the kinds of sensors you listed and this does have a heavy processing overhead. But I think you can find Kalman filter code for the Arduino so its not out of the question.

You may want to say a little more about the minimum functionality and performance you need for a successful project and see if you can get more advice here on its feasibility. Or, you could get going and prototype something and see how far you can get.

Or, do both; even if your final project uses a different chip, the Arduino is a good prototyping platform because you can find ready to run code for all the sensors you want to use, and you can get support from the helpful community here.

Have fun!