Is it possible?

So I picked up an arduino uno r3 with the intention of running 10meters of individually addressable Rgb strip lights..... The more I look into this though the more confused I am:(.... Iv put in many hours now trying to come up with some answers but I'm getting nowhere so I'm hoping for some guidance. The main question is, can I run 10meters of addressable Rgb lights through the arduino? My power source is a bank of 3 12v deep cycle battery's so power won't be an issue but I'm told drawing that amount of power through the arduino is the issue. What can be done for this? Also, as I have no experience with programming iv been unable to dissect a sketch enough to figure out the answer to my next question.... I'd like to split this light strip into many small sections or groups .... Can I program a custom light sequence that would have individual groups? Say for instance group 1-6 flashing and changing color while group 7-10 and fading in and out? Just as an example. Hoping iv posted this in the right section and thank you in advance for any and all answers :) Jason

10meters of individually addressable Rgb strip lights.....

Can you please provide a link for the LED strips that you are using ?

As long as the Arduino only provides the control signal and not the power to the LEDS you should be all right.

I'll Ilikely be using 2 different sets.... The first one appears to be more waterproof and the second is jist cheaper so will be used in an area less exposed to water. One of them comes with a light controller but I'm under the impression that I cannot modify the light sequences on It so I don't want to use it.

From what I can tell:
The first one is 5 volts (WS2811) the second is 12 volts.

If you want each LED RGB and controllable use: the 5 volt WS2812B(uses a neopixel library) or the APA102(uses SPI)

You will need a 12 to 5 volt converter with the batteries.

So the 5v string is only 1meter long... I assume this 12 to 5volt step down that's rated for 3amps will be adequate?

Maximum current for a pixel is 60ma(if it is set to 255,255,255). Length(in inches) X Pixels(per inch) X .06(max) = current(max)

I have had luck from eBay.

Ok so I did the math on that and it's coming out as 3.69amps..... This step down is rated for 5amp... Look like it will be OK?

Free shipping:

Well you're much better at this then me! good find, thanks:).... Ordered the one rated for 12amps but I ordered it from Amazon instead.. Free 2day shipping and it was $14... Now for the relay end of this.... Does anyone have a link to a schematic that would work?

The WS2812 strip can be controlled with neopixel library

The other strip uses the 1903 controller, which would require a different library to control.

Neither of them need any sort of relay - those are all individually addressable LEDs, not normal LED strip where you get one R G and B channel for the whole strip.