Is it possible ?

My arduino was connecting through USB to PC (for coding). In my project I had also a second power source (9V) to power a motor through a potentiometer. Suddenly (don't know what or how) my project stop working.

I disconnect arduino from PC but I saw that the "ON" led on arduino was lighting. Thus I discovered that the analog input of potentiometer at any analogue input was giving power to arduino.

Check tha video to see yourself what I mean.

Is it possible ? When potentiometer is at 0 green led on arduino is ON and starts fading as the resistance increase.

Is it normal or my arduino is off ?

Oddball link…Nah not going there…

Schematic if you wouldnt mind for how you have things hooked up.



Here is the diagram. Any idea ? do you see anything wrong ?

wiring diagram : diagram

Whoa that’s not just a pot to an led diagram !

OK this is clearly a whole different ball game to your original post.

Is that the WHOLE circuit you are using (just to be 100% clear here)

EDIT also please provide a working link to that shield (presume its a shield)
Also looks like an ESP01 is that correct ?

Also according to that diagram you seem to be throwing 9 volts at an analog pin via the buttons !
Stop that right now and take a look at the path of the 9 volts via the buttons to be sure !

mine_a_bb V2.jpg