Is it possible


Can I ask if it is possible to connect my custom transmitter and receiver on an arduino? If it is how would I make a code for it, do I still need an "#include". I don't think my transmitter and receiver has it's own library (the Zip file)..


Not if you don't want to.

I can't imagine that anyone else could possibly write a library for your custom thing. Not unless you pay them.

Hi, You need to define how your transmitter and receiver work.. What modulation method? Signals? Voltage levels? Etc etc. You can't expect any help with impossible information..

Without more details aboujt what kind of transmitter and receiver you're working with we can't say. Your coding question is also unclear.

If those parts are a custom design you or your organization has created, if it's not compatible with some existing library, writing a library from scratch is on you :-P

If yyou have the skills to design a tx/rx pair, I/m surprised you're asking those questions - I presume you've got them through your country's approvals process?

Much depends on the hardware - in particular the modulaton method. For example if you're using multi-qam you'll need fast dacs/adcs and sets of path vectors between symbol states to get accurate I and Q mod/demod, and some means of calibrating these.

what scheme are you using?


As you've probably worked out by now, if you provide some details of exactly what your custom Tx/Rx are and do and how they do it, then it may well be possible.

Without some information, you're on your own.