Is it safe to drive several small motors using 74HC595 shift registers?

Squirt_5432: Ok, so that's awesome. Couple questions remaining: 1) What purpose would the capacitor serve?

And 2) I've never done what I'm describing with taking the circuit board to a servo and swapping the motor/pot, is this a common thing to do and is it ok, or like is there a specific servo you'd recommend to use for doing this?

The big cap appears to be a Servo supply decoupling. Can be added on the Adafruit board.

Some time ago that I played with servos. I think many of them have a lead with connector that can be plugged directly onto the (16x) 3-pin headers of the board. Watch polarity.

I would order one board and a couple of servos to play with, before starting off on a bigger project. Leo..

Cool, thanks so much for your help! I got a feeling this is the answer.