Is it theoretically possible to use the NRF24l01 module for wifi?

I have recently acqired an NRF24l01 unit wanting to use it for wifi communication.
It has since been explained to me that even though it operates in the 2.4ghz band it cannot be used for wifi and that i should use an ESP8266 or similar instead.

My question now is:
Why is that the case?
It should be able to read 2.4ghz signals, so has there just not been any software support for this model or am i missing something?

I am fairly new here and would appreciate it if someone could explain this to me. Thank you in advance!

There's much more to wireless communication than just the frequency. For example: 802.11 Modulation
802.11 PHY

The Nordic and WiFi protocols are different as well. While the radio and hardware might support some of the modulation schemes used by WiFi (I don't know if it does), you'll still need firmware that supports it.


Thank you very much for the information ^^