Is it too late to restore the old forums?

Hopefully, someone kept a complete backup and the old forums, history etc can be restored.

We can get forget 20 October ever happened. We might lose a handful of todays posts, but that seems little compared to all the other useful stuff that has disappeared down the drain.

I'm really thinking, why bother posting here, if it is going to get tossed so easily, for no apparent benefit.

I would LOVE to see it reverted. This change is very bad in so many ways.

If it ain't broke don't try to fix it. Why did this change occur?

I'm already seeing things I hate:

  1. Open up a thread, it goes to the bottom for a post! Sorry - I don't like this, I want to start at the top. Sadly, no way to change this.

  2. Post to a thread and submit, takes you out of the thread and back to the list of threads for the topic! WTH? Strangely, there seemed to be a setting for this in my profile (noticed it when trying to find a way to fix #1), which wasn't set - but it does it anyhow.

As I understand it, the forum was updated to bring in a new version of the forum software due to bugs relating to security. I can understand such a change. I say give it some time. We've gone through this kind of change and problems in the past, and so far from what I have seen, these are minor compared to the uproar and problems that occurred when the jump happened from the original forum software. That was a long mess.

Stop changing forum software then? Regardless it should be possible to get security updates without changing the layout to something awful and introducing a pile of regressions.