Is it worth trying something with some boards if they heat up?

Hi! I recovered some Arduino Nano boards that someone used in some projects, but for all of them the microcontroller heats up very badly, almost I can't keep my finger on it. I tried to power them through Vin pin and USB, almost the same thing. I don't think it's recoverable, is it?
I think they were overcharged, or GPIOs were shorted. The CH340 driver could still be used, it does not heats up so bad, maybe it didn't burn out; when I connect the board to the PC a red LED lights up (POW or L), so I think the driver might be still good.

Is it worth trying something with some boards if they heat up?


The processors are toast. If you "almost can't keep my finger on it" means its about 60 °C. I would suggest they are not worth your time.

You can use them for soldering practice. Remove all the parts from one and it will make a nice template for prototyping. You can remove the processor and see if anything else gets warm. They can also be used for a show and tell without any worries about somebody blasting it with ESD!

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If you are cold you might find the boards to be useful.

I will try to remove the CH340 driver, I will make a programmer with it.

The uC is burned, I will check the USB driver.

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