Is Makerbeam slide rail autoclavable?

Hi folks,

I've built a device for stretching cells as they grow in a lab setting and i'm using an arduino to control the motor. the stretcher travels on Makerbeam slide rails that have some plastic components.

The cells need to grow in a sterile environment so I want to autoclave the rig (minus the arduino and motor). It will be a real pain if i need to remove the rails before autoclaving the rig. Does anyone know if the rails will tolerate the autoclave?

I've tried and failed to contact anyone who might know at Makerbeam.

some plastic components

The type of plastic would, I think, set the limit of temperature tolerance. What temperature is required for sterilization?

Unfortunately I don't know what type of plastic. The autoclave needs to be at about 120 deg C. The folks from makerbeam got back to me saying that the rails hadn't been tested for their tolerance to heat. I reckon my best bet is to just test one myself.

For my experiment I sterilised them in 70% EtoH so this will probably suffice as sterilisation. However, the next day there was considerable rust on the rails. The EtoH probably removed the protective covering of oil on the rails and the water in the solution started the oxidisation process. I probably should have sterilised them in 100% EtoH to avoid exposure to water, and then immediately applied oil to the rails.

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll post the results of my own test on the rails.