is my arduino fried?

Hi, i been using my arduino uno for a few weeks now. Working perfectly fine. I tried using a 12V wall converter to plug into my uno for a project I need. and now i cant upload anything. pin 13 led turns on but does not blink when i plug it into my computer. The green "on" light is on and everything. does this mean my uno is fried? If it was fried, wouldnt the arduino not turn on at all?

Also, does this mean it is not safe to plug in a 12V wall outlet converter to the arduino?


How was the 12V wall converter connected? It should be via barrel jack, or Gnd & Vin pins.

Was the polarity correct? Was it DC?

When you press reset, does pin 13 blink?

i connected the 12V wall converter to the arduino, then grnd pin to breadboard, and vin to bredboard. Output was 12V DC. when I plug in my arduino to the USB, pin 13 goes on but does not blink. when i press reset, it does not blink.

I dont get why when i use the 9V battery to charge up a solenoid wont work in my case but it works in every single tutorial i have watched and followed exactly.(maybe my battery is dying) So i tried using the 12v wall converter and then this happened.

Is it wrong that I have the converter connected to the arduino via barrel jack and then wires coming from the VIN and GND to the breadboard?

The uno has a 5V regulator on the board and it is designed to run from up to 12V on the barrel input. The regulator is normally a NCP1117 or a varient and has over temperature and current protection so you should not damage it. You said you connected the raw output to the breadboard? So you connected the 12V to the breadboard and are controlling a solenoid? Can you post a circuit diagram of how it is wired up.

Heres the diagram. Excuse the 9V battery. Theres no option on the program for a barrel jack 12V converter. SO just imagine that its there, i used the battery just for diagram purposes

The way the transistor is wired (switching the -ve of the solenoid) is like a NPN type which is the way you will need to do it as the base current is in relation to 0V. However your diagram says PNP. The wiring of the transistor is critical. If you wire it wrong you could end up applying 12v to the arduino output which would probably kill the pin or the entire device.

my apologies on the diagram once again. i am using a TIP120 transistor and 1N004 diode. 10k resistor on the button and 1k resistor for the transistor. in other news, i swapped arduino boards and the setup works.. perhaps my board was faulty. however the solenoid is not pushing out unless i manually touch the back...i suppose that problem requires a different section of this forum. thanks

The circuit n that case looks fine. I would suggest posting your code for someone to take a look at in case you are forgetting to set the pin as an output for example