is my arduino nano dead? rx/tx always blinking

hello, after I uploaded a sketch to my arduino nano v3 I couldn’t upload any other sketch, whenever I connect it to my PC it won’t recognize (it does recognizes other arduinos I have, including another nano), I tried to burn a new bootloader but still no go…
the only thing I noticed after I uploaded my last sketch on that board is that both the RX and TX lights are blinking whenever I plug into a power source, AFAIK it means that D0 and/or D1 are set on HIGH, right?
is that the cause my PC won’t recognize that board anymore? is there anything I can do to fix that?
thanks in advance!

probably the ft232rl chip is death, you can try and connect an external ft232 and see if you still can upload the code

thx a lot! gonna try to replace that and see how it goes =D

Did your last sketch include toggling the Rx/Tx pins a lot, or sending out a lot of serial data? That sometimes keeps uploads from working.
Try this before taking a soldering iron to the board:
In the IDE, File:Preferences, select Verbose outputs.
Press & hold the Nano reset switch - or connect a button from Reset to Gnd.
In theStart the IDE upload process. When the IDE shows "Compiled xxx byte of 32xxx bytes", something along those lines, release the Reset button.
Might take a couple of tries to find just the right time.

I tried to burn a new bootloader but still no go...

What did you use for a programmer to do this? If that's really the case, that you can't even load a new bootloader thru the ICSP header, then the '328P chip may be dead.

Hey Cross thanks a lot for taking your time!
Actually it was a pretty basic sketch to blink a led from time to time, the only thing is that I was using A3 and the method digitalWrite instead of analogWrite for no specific reason =P

I tried to set the output to verbose and hold reset but nothing happened, could it be because the IDE/O.S. doesn't even recognize an arduino connected? If I plug another board it shows the COM port it's using, but this one doesn't even enable the menu to select which COM port it's using so I can't even try to upload anything to it =\

About the bootloader, I used another arduino nano as a programmer, connected the "dead" arduino icsp ports to the corresponding ports on the working arduino and uploaded a bootloader, the process seemed to went ok since I saw the leds blinking and after a while the IDE said the burn process was successful (I burned using arduino IDE instead of avrdude), but even after the success message the leds kept blinking when I plugged it back

Thanks again Cross, I was actually trying to find anything else I could do before soldering it since I was browsing for that part and it would be almost the same price as I paid for the board so it might not even worth it

Yeah, the FT232RL is generally $4.50, altho sometimes you can find it for less total when you include shipping costs,for example:

Under File:Preferences turn on the Verbose outputs and make sure the bootloader burning actually completed.
You can also load a sketch via the ISCP header with File:Upload Using Programmer, write a simple sketche and make sure all your IO pins are working - run Blink with each IO one at a time with an LED/resistor for example.