Is my Arduino Uno dead?

Well I got an Arduino Uno for Christmas and I just tried to install it on my PC this morning. I tried going by the instructions given on the site. However, when I plugged in the device it showed up as unknown device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. I still tried to point the driver installation to the the drivers folder in the arduino install directory, but it never found a suitable driver. Every time I plugged in the device I received the error: "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message". I read elsewhere that it might be the cable so I tried two other A to B USB cables both had the same problem. I also tried it under Windows XP instead of Windows 7. No Luck. Lastly it's now showing nothing on the computer when I plug in the usb cable. However the green light comes on and the orange light blinks on and off. Is there a way to fix it?

I will give you some good news.... your Arduino Uno is not dead because the pre-installed program/sketch is working (where the light is blinking on and off. I am on a mobile device right now so I can't help you right now. But I thought I might give you the good news. Back in April when I got my arduino uno I think I had the same problem but I then fixed it but then forgot how to fix it once fixed.

They come with "blink" installed.

Green light on and blink working, at least means that it is executing code.

All is not lost!

Is it your first Arduino? How did you install the drivers/ program?

Yes, it's my first Arduino. It came in a kit.

1) Install Arduino IDE 2) Plugin the board. 3)Try to install driver manually.

Even if I have incorrect drivers it should come up with something when I plugin the board. Now nothing shows up. Device manager doesn't show "unknown device" or anything labeled Arduino. I've tried on two different OSes as well as two different machines. Does it have something to do with the reset button?

You did not answer my question:

"How did you install the IDE?"

Did you use the installer or the zip?

Yes that's the link. I downloaded the Arduino 1.0.5 Windows Installer.

Uninstall, disconnect, restart computer, install again, plug in Arduino, follow instructions, restart computer again

...... If that does not work, go to device handling, right click the "unhappy arduino" and refresh the driver, pointing it to the correct location.

Make sure to follow the instructions point by point, making check marks as you go.

Try this

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