Is my Arduino Uno Fried

Hi, I'm pretty new to Arduino but I believe I may have fried my arduino uno. I had tested the arduino and everything was working fine. I bought a shield to attach on top of the arduino, and plugged into it a 12v power supply. I heard that this was safe for the Arduino. After about 30 seconds I realised that my arduino had become super hot. I immediately unplugged it and let it cool down. I detached the shield and tried plugging it into my computer. Now whenever I plug it in the TX and RX lights go orange straight away and the ON light goes green. When I open up the arduino IDE and go to ports nothing comes up anymore, have I fried it. If so does anyone know what was wrong with plugging in the 12v power supply?


Don't know how you plugged it in or wired it up or what ever else thing do you did to muck it up, so I can't say what you did incorrectly. My guess is that at the same time you plugged it in a cosmic particle impacted with a critical component.

Thanks for the reply. I had the shield matched up with each pin and the shield itself was plugged in using a power connector. I never plugged in anything directly into the arduino

Without knowing which shield (provide a schematic please) and what else was all connected, I doubt that anybody can tell.

Which component got hot on the Arduino?

Here's where I got the shield from: Uruav diy 4dof robot arm 4 axis acrylic rotating mechanical robot arm with r3 4pcs servo Sale - notice-arrival notice

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