Is my board dead

I was trying to test a PS/2 mouse sensor, and I think that the way that the PCB was wired up I may have hooked up ground to 5v through only a resistor. Now I cannot get Windows to recognize a Due device, only the programming port. Am I toast? Also all the digital pins are outputing 3.3v...
Edit:(I checked the circuitry and there is a capacitor between ground and 5v which should block all current)

I havent even programmed it yet, and I held down the erase button to make sure that there is no program on it.

Ive gotten the arduino ide to recognize the com port, but when I try to program it says that there is no device on the port, and the ARM chip gets very hot

Its probably dead, I have no clue what happened. I think something may have shorted or it was defective... Never even programmed it : (

All the pwm pins are .6v lower than pin 13 and the regular digital io pins are 2.0 volts


Does the ARM chip still get hot when you have just the board connected via USB to a PC (nothing else at all)?


Not dead, just pining for the fjords.


Slartibartfast would be proud!