Is my board dead

I have set pins 2 & 3 on my Uno to be INPUT_PULLUP and digital.write HIGH to enable the internal pullup resistor.

I am sure it was working (but have changed the hardware and software), now it is not....

Putting a multimeter between the pin 2 and ground gives 1.00v
Going between pin 3 and ground gives circa 5v

If I digital-write low to pin 2 then it reads 0v

Is pin 2 now dead? (I was planning on using it as an interrupt)

Thanks for any help (this is my first Ardunio project)

Show your code please.

Preferably a 5-line program that demonstrates what you are saying, and re-test with this program.

Thanks for your help.

Worked it out as soon as I woke up! I left a 10k pull down resistor attached to that pin in my circuit.
After removal all working well