Is My LCD bad?

Hello all, just a disclaimer: I am trying to post from an iPhone, so if the pictures don't upload please don't roast me. I'll try to reupload them later if it's unsuccessful.

Alright so the problem. I've had an Arduino Uno stored away for a few years and done very lite projects with it. Now I've become much more experienced using IDE and C code in general. So I decided to pull it out and try making some sort of complex project with it. I decided I wanted a strong I/O interface for testing so I pulled out my never used, but somewhat aged LCD (only a few years). I wired it up to the Arduino "Hello Wolrd Tutorial" and some strange characters flashed a few times and disappeared.

Alright fast foward a little, and I found a forum that said it was a pin issues with some LCDs and blah blah blah, so I rewired it to the new map, but honestly... The solution didn't seem to make any sense as switching the individual pins shouldn't matter. Unfortunately I'm unable to track back to that solution post I mimicked, but it didn't work. So my new pin configuration has the correct LiquidCrystal call. I've tested every connection and determined they work. What now? Is my LCD just busted?

what kind of LCD are we talking about? A 16x2 LCD? A TFT LCD? A OLED LCD?

Please give us a little bit more information about the LCD itself and also the pictures are not showing up here so maby you didnt upload them correctly :-/

But if i get a little bit more information i might be able to help you out!