Is my LCD broken?

I recently bought a 2X16 LCD screen from RS;action=post;title=StartNewTopic I used the LiquidCrystal library which told me to wire D0-3 to the arduino, I tried it and it didn't work, so I wired D4-7 to the arduiino and it worked fine.... until I decided to solder it to a little ciruit board, I then ran the same program on it and since then it hasn't worked... Do you think that the heat might have damaged it? Or that there is a better way to wire it up? If I can't get it working, i will probably have to buy a new LCD, but it would be nice if somehow i could mend it!!

Thank you

It's hard to say without seeing your circuit board and wirings in case you have a wiring problem. Have you checked your wirings with a multimeter? I don't believe that heat could have been destroyed the lcd.


I think a wiring error or solder-splash causing a short are more likely than overheating.