Is my mega broke?

So I have this project i've been working on (12 Servo Hexapod |, and the thing that always keeps me from finishing it is this mega clone i bought (can't remember where, but it was like $10). The 12 servos are all corraled with a sensor shield, a cheap one like this One-stop Online Shop For Smart Home, HMI Display, Airspy, Diy Kits l ITEAD STUDIO. At first I bought one from keyestudio. The mega wouldn't upload code, but that was just by itself. When I plugged the shield in, the port wouldn't even show up. Then one day I threw it into a bag and one of the traces got cut, up in the corner by the icsp pins. Then I took it home and it was working for like 20 minutes, but then it went back to the old problem. I went on ebay and bought another shield and it did the same thing. The mega wouldn't burn the bootloader, but maybe I wasn't doing it right. I'm so close to finishing it it's driving me crazy. This is going on 3 years i haven't got this thing working, so if somebody has some suggestions it would be great.

PS- If I didn't include something that is kind of important, please don't be a jerk. Just tell me and i'll get it for you.

Buy a genuine board and try again?

What exactly is powering your project?

A genuine board is waay too expensive, mainly because i'm a high school sophomore and i fractured my leg wrestling, so a job is out of the question

I'm using a Ni-Cd 7.2v battery that runs through a adjustable regulator. I can't connect it while it's connecting to my computer because it will overload it and shut down my mac, so while it's on my computer it's running on usb power

The last paragraph says a lot.

Check your grounds and power supply wiring.
It sounds like you have something crossed up in the wrong place.

I looked it over, but like I said, when it's connected to the computer, the battery isn't even connected when it's being programed, so I don't see how that would be it unless it's something in the 2 pcbs themselves

OK, time for a block - wiring diagram / schematic of your system.
NOT a fritzy - a clear diagram of what's connected to what - as a line drawing.

(You really should have one already!)

Include everything - or at least arrows to everything.
Try not to cross lines if possible

Not enough detail, sorry.
Also, it’s easier for helpers if you put the images inline with the post.

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I really don't know what else i could put in there. That's literally it. I didn't do anything novel with the electronics. it's literally a shield on top of the mega with all the servos plugged into it. the battery doesn't matter. it's not even plugged in.

If you want the link to the shield it's here:

The link to the board is here: Mega 2560 R3 Atmega2560-16au 16u2 Compatible Board With USB Cable for Arduino for sale online | eBay

Well, first issue from your diagram is the servos don’t have any power source.
I realise this may not be your immediate problem, but it does indicate the incomplete nature of the drawing.
If you’re powering the servos from the battery - fine, but show that with connector names on the map, but then the question begs, where is the Arduino getting power from?

Ok, the USB cable... or an adapter? that’s not shown as an active piece of the puzzle either.

Finally, can you test the computer USB with another device that needs power? e,g. phone charging. Just to eliminate that.
With an external Arduino supply connected, what voltage do you see across the GND and 5V pins?

Of course, all this may be moot if your damaged tracks are still damaged.
As your mum used to say...”Take care of your toys!”

Once this has been resolved, go read up on drawing a meaningful block diagram and a schematic (different things). Your block diagram is a good start, but missing about 40% of the detail.

To answer your first question, the regulated voltage goes into here (it distributes the power across all the "sensors", or in my case the servos):

Secondly, the mega is connected like always (one end of the cord in mega, other end in my mac. no adapter unless i'm understanding you wrong):

Third, the socket works fine. I was powering my nodemcu earlier. You know, "deauthorizing" wifi and such :stuck_out_tongue:

And lastly, i'm using the new shield, not the one that got it's traces cut

again, i'm 90% certain it's not the wiring. when i started on this i was completely clueless arduino wise, and kept it really simple. Also, sorry about the links, i couldn't figure out how to get a link to put in the insert image when the picture is from my downloads

Ok, thanks for the effort.
All looks to be good, without going back.
Which servo pins are you connected to?
Can you try another set? Change the code to match (!)
Good luck

Well i tried it and it still didn't work, but it doesn't really matter because i'm going to get a new mega anyways with the hackaday prize cash i'll be getting soon. Now that i've gone over it a few times, I think it's busted

thanks for the help!