Is my power supply enough?

Hello everybody!

I would like to ask if 6 batteries connected in the row generate enough power for:

-2 DC 6V motors ( I really dont know which model this is, because I got ready part from the Uni and there is only a label which says: 09165, so let me know if you know what the model is.

If the power will be enough, my question is how to connect loads? (parallel or in series?).

My main problem is that I dont know for what should I look up in the description of the every product (for example for a motor.). I should guarantee the exact value for BOTH Voltage drop and Current to provide enough power and not to burn it, right? So how do I find the necessary from the product decription?

Yes, if the batteries, you didn't specify yet, are capable of that.

lg, couka

The capacity is 3000mAh. So I should connect batteries to Raspberry and then Arduino with Raspberry through USB cable? Or Batteries to both Arduino and Raspberry? (Motor and encoders will be connected to Arduino)

...6 LiPo-cells would be up to 25,2V... 6 12V-Lead-Acid batteries could deliver 72V and more...

Again be more specific. I assume you are talking about AA-Alkaline cells, but until you tell us so, any advice cannot be better than a guess.

lg, couka

I will use non-rechargeable batteries that means 1.5V more precisely this . So far I understand it that the voltage for a motor will be controlled by Arduino. If I provide enough power for Arduino it would just send it further to encoders and 2 motors. Is my assumption correct? There are 2 questions now, if the batteries will generate this enough power and how to connect Arduino to power source, throuh USB from Raspberry or parallel to batteries