Is my project idea possible: Voice recognition, Web Searching, restricted terms

I have been doing some searching (maybe not with the right terms) and cannot find an answer.

I want to create a voice recognition tool that essentially transcribes and stores the information on a computer either wired or wireless.

Edit: the below is for information purposes only, the above is the question.

From the above i will have a program that looks to match those words with words stored in another file type.

When it finds a match i want to add this as a search term for a website i am developing, so it listens to the user and if it finds something they might want it shows it.

Hoping i can also make this cumulative so if they say 3 terms that match all 3 terms results show at once (from a web dev point of view this is easy enough)


Sorry i will clarify, i want to use an Arduino to print this voice recognition to a file on a computer wired or wireless


Amazon have achieved it, so why, given a similar research budget, can't you?

You edit your original post and change the question, My response now makes me look incompetent. Hope fully some one more forgiving will help you.

That was not my intention, apologies if it looks that way, the reason i adjusted it was for ease of people reading the topic, i did include both a reply in the thread and an "edit"