Is my sd card compatible with SD.h

I have a SanDisk 8gb microSD card formatted in fat32 that I cannot get to initialize but it works in my computer. I think I might have read somewhere that SD.h is not compatible with fat32, so I tried SDfat library with no success either. I know my SD board is connected properly to the Arduino, because I have a different 2 gig card that works just fine in the same setup. Examples I tried include CardInfo (SD) and SdFormatter (SDfat) as well as a few others.

SdFat and SD.h accept FAT16 and FAT32 if formatted to the SD format standard.

A card may work in a MAC/PC but not work with Arduino.

If you formatted it with an OS utility it may not work with an Arduino since many OS utilities do no comply with the SD format standard. Use this formatter to insure the format complies with the SD standard

In a PC, MAC, or camera the SD is accessed using the 4-bit SDIO bus. In the Arduino the SD is accessed using the SPI bus. It is possible that SPI access fails but you can access it via a PC/MAC.

The most common formatting problem is that the SD has a GUID Partition Table. The SD standard require a MBR Partition Table and SD.h/ SdFat only accepts MBR. Windows and OS X accept GUID Partition tables. The above formatter will fix this problem.

THANKS! It works now