is my servo Broken if i accidentally put both ground in 3 volts and 5 volts

servo sg90 both on positive polarity

What do you mean "both ground"?

If you put servo gnd in 3V and pos in 5V it should be ok, since that really means you put 2V across it, in the right direction.

But if you put servo gnd in 5V and servo 5V in 3V, you put 2V across it backwards.

What did you actually put where?

Real test of something being broken, it to hook it up correctly and try again....

the servo has signal ground and power
but i end up with
signal power and power which the other one should have been ground by accident

but i end up with ... signal power and power

Yeah but which servo wire did you put in which power hole on the Arduino?

And does it work if you connect it correctly? If it does it's not broken. If it doesn't, it probably is.

i think is slighly dead it moved but most of the time its dead