Is my UNO of a newer design?

I went for a genuine one from a pretty legit store (an authorized distributor now that I've checked) because I needed it quick and figured might as well get the quality stuff. But while I expected the half-white backside as shown in their store and here, I got a slightly different board instead: imgur

Based on the square UNO logo, the four icons, no Italy logo and overall design, it appears more in line with the Genuino boards I'm seeing. Could it be that since the dispute is over, they've ditched the Genuino brand and this is what they're selling in Europe now? Or is it a global redesign, but they've yet to update pictures in stores and etc? Oddly even the box still shows a round UNO logo. There's also a Rev3e on the back which seems new?

I don't really doubt the authenticity of it with the build quality, gold infinity symbol, hologram on box and all (unless fakes can be that good, but then why make it slightly different?), just wondering what I bought exactly.


My boards have printed where one would usually see

That looks like a post-Arduino-reconciliation board - note the 4 symbols, which appeared when Genuino was launched, but the address. They've got the custom PTC and the custom color soldermask.

So I would be right in thinking this is basically what replaced the Genuino? Bit odd how there's no information if it's a new design.

C'est quoi ce "e" derrière Arduino R3e ? - MCHobby - Le Blog This post talks about how Rev3e has an extra RL filter, but I'm seeing the same parts on a regular R3.