Is my UNO R3 Arduino faulty?

This is my first time dealing with arduino, and unfortunately it seems that I got a faulty one.

When I plug the arduino to my pc nothing happens, it is just like nothing is there, only the led light keep blinking . No sound when plugging or unplugging the arduino, you know the usual sound your pc make when you plug mouse or external hard disk...etc.

I searched online for similar problem and found that for some people you need to go to device manager and manually specify the directory for the arduino driver's. But my problem is that there is no unknown devices in device manager. If I unplug the arduino the device manager window doesn't refresh. But if I unplug the mouse it refresh, that mean the arduino is not connected to my PC at all, not just not recognized.

Also I tried another cable but nothing changed.

So my final conclusion is that the arduino is faulty and I need a replacement.

Is my conclusion right, or do you think there might be a solution I need to try?

edit: just forgot to say it is genuine not clone


Bumping posts means nothing.

A lot of information not available from your post either so my guess is that the red wire is in the wrong hole and your USB 5.0 socket is faulty.

However if you would care to take a moment of your time to read this post and fill in some of the missing blanks