Is my Water Level Sensor Defective? (Details below)

Serial Monitor only shows starting from 50 to less than 70 even when the sensor is fully submerged while on other videos and tutorials, they have a very high sensitivity. Tap water was used. I used a red water level sensor. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

(Sorry for bad English)

Edit: It seems to be working, but I'm not sure. I reconnected it to the Arduino and after that, it now starts at zero. But if I submerged the sensor just a little bit from its tip, it jumps to 600+. But if I completely submerged it, it only goes to 860+ which is weird. After I released it back to the surface, it still reads 600+ (probably because it is still moist but idk). Other videos have shown that the serial returns to zero when it ascended.

Is there something you’ve forgotten to tell us?

Is there something you've forgotten to tell us?

not for now

not for now


A schematic would be nice along with a sample of your code. Not much anyone can tell you. Oh yeah and a link to your sensor.