Is nRF24L01 able to achieve mesh network communication?

Hi all,

As stated in the title, is nRF24L01 transceiver able to achieve mesh network communication? Has anyone did similar project before?

Mesh network similar to picture below:

I need to create multiple nodes in my project in which a node can communicate with either of the other nodes.

Thanks a lot.

Yes. There may well be easier, less versatile implementations, but I have built a development environment that has met my needs... MRMP

Routing tables are hard coded.

Anyone experience in using nRF24L01 to perform a true mesh without the need of coordinator?

Or is there any other substitution to achieve this communication?


A 'true' mesh as in your picture is only possible with nrf24l01 radios if not using the built-in features of the chip, which can severely limit throughput and efficiency if using Arduinos. This is due to the pipe/addressing system used, which essentially determines topology.

There are a few different libraries that offer different subsets of functionality for creating a mesh via RF24:

  1. RF24Network - 2: RadioHead -
  2. RF24Mesh - (Still in Development/Testing)