Is possible 2 displays in one ESP8266 (#1-> I2C SD1306 #2 SPI ST7735) and BME280

Hi All, I'd like to use one NodeMCU ESP8266 with 2 displays and a BME280.

With the SD1306 I'm using the Thingpulse weather station, working perfectly.

Separately on another ESp8266, Im using BME280 (interior house readings) and showing readings on a SPI ST7735 display, also working perfectly.

I'm wondering if I can optimize it and use only 1 ESP with both displays. Is it feasible?

Also, for more optimization, Id like to send from another ESP8266+BME (exterior house readings) using ... ESPNOW, maybe?

To sumarize my idea is:

a) 1 ESP8266, 1 BME280, 1 SD1306, 1 ST7735 (Thing pulse weather station over SD1306, and BME280 readings over ST7735)

b) 1 ESP8266, 1 BME280 and send readings to (a) and show it over ST7735 also.

Thanks for your guidance!